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When you go to the supermarket do you always buy the same items or do you vary your selection?  Are there brands that you trust and you never stray to another?  Ketchup, baked beans, tea, coffee you know the ones you like and you always choose them.  Or maybe shampoo or cosmetics perhaps you’ve got your favourites there too.

So how would you feel if one day your favourite brand of tea changed their packaging to a rather tatty, unclear, badly presented design?  Would you still feel the same about it?  Would you still buy it?

What about a brand of car, would you still stick with the same brand if it didn’t keep up with the times or used the most up to date technology?  Would you still stay valiantly with the same brand of clothes if they didn’t change with the times and with fashion? I don’t think you would.

Whether you’re looking for new clients, for a new job or a promotion.  You are a brand.  How you appear to others, the quality of work you deliver, your appearance, your behaviour, they all count to make up Brand You.  Back in 1997, Tom Peters wrote a lengthy and insightful article entitled ‘The Brand Called You’.  I read it long ago and having reread it now I am pleased to see that it still stands the test of time.  In fact in today’s economy it’s even more vital to follow the Tom’s principles.

Start looking for ways to set yourself above your competition.  Accept new challenges, attend trainings, read more, develop your interpersonal skills, dress the part.  Ask yourself why do you do what you do, is it useful doing what you do?  Does it serve your long term goals and aspirations.  You may have to work hard at it, but by being the best you can be, you will put yourself ahead of your competition.  And in the long term this will pay off and you will put yourself in the path of success.

A word of warning.  One thing that has changed since 1997 is social media, we can all be tracked more easily. So next time you think to put that cavalier comment on Facebook, or fire off that inflammatory tweet.  Ask yourself, does this serve brand you?

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